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1) Which one of the following elements was not easily spotted by ancient cultures?

a)Gold (Au)
b)Silver (Ag)
c)Bromine (Br)
d)Copper (Cu)

Was the Bromine

2)Some discoveries take centuries and some happen in an instant. Research a notable discovery in a field that most interests you and explain how it unfolded

The discover of the periodic table:
Dmitri Mendeleev was a chemical that completed the puzzle of the Periodic Table. He created cards of elements that he known and tried to order them based of atomic weight and his properties. He stayed awake 3 days and 3 nights to order them but he couldn't, so he gone to sleep, and he dreamed about a table to order the elements, and he created the Periodic Table

3) What did Hennig Brand use to try to find gold?

a)He boiled his own urine
b)He dissected 1,300 mammals
c)He burned over 5,000 known substances
d)He tried to dig to the center of the earth

Is the answer a)

4) It is said that some chemists were able to predict the existence of some elements that were not yet discovered. How did they do this?

Only one chemist discovered elements that were not yet discovered, and it was dreaming

5) What was the first element to be "discovered"?

Was the phosphorus

6) Pick your favorite element. Explain the reasons it sits where it does on the periodic table.

Its a metal, has a electron in the last orbit, what it identifies it as one of the metal more reagent with his group, the alkaline

7)Who is known as the father of chemistry?

a)Marie Antoinette
b)Antoine Lavoisier
c)Alexander Graham Bell
d)Pontius Pilot

The father of chemistry is Antoine Lavoisier

8)Which element reacts violently with water?
d)All of the above

All of the above
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  • Complete the text. Use: boiled / body/ alchemist / German / gold /colour / burned / phosphorous
Hennig Brand was a -1-German -2-alchemist who lived in the 1600 (16 Hundreds). In the 17 Century alchemists wanted to extract -3-gold  from the human -4-body . He was sure urine had gold because of its -5-colour. He -6-boiled his own urine and finally -7-burned the resulting paste at a high temperature. Smoke appeared and this paste burned violently . Brand had isolated -8-phosphorous from his urine. This was the first element that was isolated.

  • Answer
  1. Which were the elements in the “Greek Periodic Table”? The elements in the "Greek Periodic Table" were: Air, Fire, Earth and Water
  2. Why was Antoine Lavoisier important character for Chemistry? He said that a substance can not be divided by any chemical way. Also he created a list of the elements that in that time he known and he divided the list in gases or metals
  3. How do we know him now? As the father of the Chemistry

  • Complete these ideas with verbs in the Passive Voice. You may need present or past tenses. Explain why.
e.g. All elements were created in the Big Bang. (create)
  1. Elements ____were____  ___formed______ and ____released______ into space by exploding stars. (form/release)
  2. These elements ____were_____  ____studied______ by scientists during history. (study)
  3. The list of elements ___is______  ___finded______in the Periodic Table. (find)
  4. Elements like gold, silver and copper ___were______  ___discovered______ by ancient cultures. (discover)
  5. These elements ____were_____  ___used______ for jewelry and tools. (use)
  6. Gold, silver and copper ___could______  _____be_________ ___found_____ easily. (can/find)

  • Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE?
  1. For Lavoisier an element cannot be separated by chemical means/methods. _T__
  2. He made a short list of 2 or 3 elements. _F__
  3. He divided elements into gases or metals._T__
  4. He created a complete periodic table. _F__

  • Complete the table with the scientists’ names. Put them in chronological order (according to the video. Copy the correct sentences.

Scientist’s name

His contribution to science.

Wolfgang Döbereiner = b- and h-

Dmitri Mendeleev = c- and f-

Hennig Brand = a-

Antoine Lavoisier = e-

Jhon Dalton = d- and g-
isolated the first element.
combined elements to see how they reacted to one another.
finally organized the set of elements in the periodic table.
organized elements according to their atomic weight.
defined what an element was.
predicted elements that had not been discovered yet.
weighed elements.
discovered shared properties and reactions.

  • Make a list of the elements that appear on the video. Include at least 6 elements


Posphorous F2:22
Hydrogen H3:23

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  • Copy these sentences in your BLOG and say if they are TRUE or FALSE.
    1. Chemistry is the science that deals with materials in laboratories. _T_
    2. There is only one type of chemistry. __F_
    3. Organic chemistry looks at which chemicals are in things. _F_
    4. Organic chemistry looks at things that have carbon in them.__T___
  • Re-read the text and CREATE FOUR false sentences
  • 1- The basic unit of an element is called an proton..
  • 2- Mixtures are substances where chemicals are mixed and reacted
  • 3- Biochemistry is not also part of organic chemistry.
  • 4- Moles can not be used to see how many molecules are in chemical compounds.

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